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From Generation to Generation - Celebrating Jewish Continuity in the Land of our Forefathers.


Age 13 for boys and 12 for girls symbolize in Jewish tradition the coming of age and the acceptance of the child into the sacred fellowship of Israel.​

What could be more significant and meaningful than celebrating this milestone in your child’s life in the land of our forefathers?

If you are planning to have your child’s bar or bat Mitzvah in Israel, Rabbi Ehud Bandel, former President of Israel’s Masorti (Conservative) Movement will be happy to assist you.

Rabbi Bandel conducts the service with warmth and sensitivity. Highlight of the event is the ceremony of passing the Torah from generation to generation: from grandparents to parents and from them to the bar/bat mitzvah.

In addition to his high cantoral skills, Rabbi Bandel also plays the guitar and would love to combine music and singing into the service. (For services held at sites other than the Kotel).

​The ideal site for your celebration would be the “Masorti Kotel” or “Robinson’s Arch” at the southern end of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.​​

This site was allocated by the Israeli Government for egalitarian services at the Wall, where the entire family can pray together, and girls can read from the Torah just like boys. Services can also be held on top of Masada, or at the promenade overlooking the old city of Jerusalem.

Services Include: ​


  • Coordination and site reservation + Sefer Torah at the “Masorti Kotel”/ Robinson Arch . ​

  • Ongoing contact with the family and the bar/bat mitzvah boy/girl via email, phone and/or skype.


  • Sending PDF files with the particular Torah reading and the blessings.


  • Sending mp3 files with my recording of the Torah reading and blessings.


  • Face to face meeting before the ceremony for better acquaintance and rehearsal.


  • Prayer-books or special booklets with the service including special prayers and readings for the bar/bat mitzvah and his/her parents.


  • Conducting and leading the service in a participatory manner including lots of singing.


  • Directing the family and bar/bat mitzvah in the recitation of the blessings and the readings and giving a short d'var torah appropriate to the date and the location.


  • Arranging for BM certificate from the Ministry of Tourism.

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